Anxiety. 100% Essential Oil Roller Blend


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‘Smile, breathe, and go slowly.’

-Thich Nhat Hanh

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Calm your farm with this essential oil roller blend for anxiety. Have you been told those words more than once? Stressing out over the big picture, or all the little things? Need to stop that racing mind and remember how to breathe?

This anxiety oil blend is made from 100% essential oils blended with apricot kernel oil and has been carefully formulated to help create a calm, protected and safe space. Perfect for bringing your mind back from a stressful situation or anxiety attack. Made from lavender, orange, vetiver and frankincense essential oils. The oil is in a 10ml indigo bottle to protect it from light and ensure longevity of the oil and the roller is stainless steel.

The oil has been infused with crystals and crystal chips of black tourmaline and amethyst are included.

This oil has been skin tested and is safe for adult use, please do not use on young children as their skin sensitivity has not been tested.

If you wish to purchase 3 or more bottles of blends please check out my custom blend listing to choose your blends, buying 3 or more gives you a discount.


At Covet the Sun we believe in the power of intention and harnessing specific energies with the assistance of crystals and gemstones, but we are not able to guarantee that wearing our jewellery, crystals or using our oils will treat, cure or solve any type of problem or health issue. Read more HERE.


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